The Curl Struggle

The Curl Struggle

Lauren Williamson , Staff Writer

Managing curly hair is a full task within its own. It takes time, effort and money to give your curls the nurture that they need. There are so many curl patterns that it can be overwhelming to know what to do and use on your hair. Here are some tips and products on caring for your precious curls. The journey to find what products suit your curls the best, turns into a trial and error , but always buying products without knowing what truly works can become expensive.  Before you spend your money,  it’s important to find out what works.  

Deciding exactly what you need in a product is the first step in finding something that works. Using shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulfates and silicone is very important. It helps your hair stay hydrated and prevents product build up. Plus, it helps tame the frizz since it’s not stripping the hair from its natural oils. DevaCurl is a hair line that carries non sulfate/silicone products that specifically target curly hair of all types. Shea Moisture and Mielle are two other hair lines designed for curly hair. Mielle carries organic products. For curly hair it’s important to co-wash. It’s basically a conditioner wash, that helps get rid of any buildup, without making your hair dry.  

What you put on your hair after the shower is just as important as what you use in the shower. Leave-in-conditioner is a vital step in keeping your curls in check. Tropkiabliss carries a line of vegan hair care products, that includes leave-in-conditioners. The line has products like a banana leave in smoothie and pineapple hair milk. Some of my personal favorite leave-in-products that are great for moisture is the Intense Moisturizing Leave-in-Conditioner and Styling Cream by the hair line Texture ID. Using other products like gels and creams post shower can also help. Products ranging from Dream Cream Curl Cream or Naturally Honey Curl help control frizz without making the curls crunchy and stiff. 

To help decrease frizz, sleeping on a silk pillowcase rather than a regular one can help your curls from becoming damaged. Air drying or diffusing your hair are safe ways to dry your hair. Also, it’s important to have your curls in a protective hairstyle as you sleep, whether that’s putting it in the pineapple hairstyle or wearing a silk bonnet to bed.

The journey to finding a routine for your curls can be a long one but don’t give up.  You can conquer and own your curls!