End of quarter catch up

Erin McCoy, Technology Editor & Business Coordinator

The end of the marking period always seems to come around faster than students can handle. A surplus of assignments and tests you think you had time to make up are suddenly urgent deadlines. Here are some tips to help students finish out the quarter strong regardless of how stressful the process of catching up can be.

First of all, make a list. Planning is crucial in making the most of the little time you have to complete a large amount of work. Your list should not only include your goals and things you need to get done, but also smaller deadlines. Once you complete something, check it off and reward yourself. This should be something small like a break that won’t veer you off track. Focus is critical in your catch up cram session.

Don’t forget to pace yourself. Just like running a race, if you exert all of your energy at the beginning, you won’t be able to finish strong. Be sure that you’re not getting ahead of yourself as this process is easily overwhelming. As simple it may seem, it is necessary to eat breakfast and get eight hours of sleep each night. You have to be at your best to perform your best.

Even though you’re playing catch up on the past, don’t forget to stay focused on the present. If you allow yourself to become consumed in your make-ups and retakes, you’ll start a toxic cycle of falling behind once again. After all, many teachers add in last minute tests and grades that can make or break you if you aren’t careful.

Manage your stress. Although it is easier said than done, taking time for yourself and relaxing at the end of the day can make a huge difference in your capability the next day. Take a bath, read a book, anything that helps you unwind will be beneficial to your mental health. Attempt to spend as much time away from your phone, especially around bedtime. This catch up period could also be the perfect time to break bad habits and better yourself.

Catching up can be difficult, but everyone is capable of coming out of the quarter strong with an impressive report card and positive outlook for the rest of the year.