Sumayyah Farooq Strives to Create Change in India

Ally Temple, Editor-in-Chief

Where would you go and what would you do to change the world? That’s the challenge The American Field Service (AFS) presents to young people as part of its annual service project. The AFS encourages teens to turn their vision into action by being change-makers. Teens may choose to focus their project on a global issue affecting one of the following countries: Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Kenya, or New Zealand.

The grand prize winner will be awarded a full scholarship to go abroad for 10-15 days and bring her/his vision to life. Hylton junior Sumayyah Farooq is one of this year’s finalists. Farooq wrote her action plan about “Cleaning the Future of India.” Farooq shared that narrowing her focus to one country and global issue was the most difficult part of the process.

Farooq said this experience is a grand opportunity and “expands cultural horizons.” With your help of one vote a day, Hylton could represent the next AFS winner and watch Farooq create positive change in India.

In order to win, Farooq must receive the most amount of votes of any other applicant and go through a panel of judges to be selected as the best vision. Readers may vote once a day by going to and simply clicking “Vote Now” and typing in an email.

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