Six Tips for Academic Success

Six Tips for Academic Success

Sumayyah Farooq, Staff Writer

Are you struggling in school? Are you trying to find new study tips? Well as an AP student, I have a list of tips to help keep the stress low and achievement high. Here are some tips for passing your classes:

Attend class
When you’re in class, pay attention to the lectures. Some of the questions that might arise later will probably be answered. Also, missing work will throw you behind making it harder to pass the class.

2. Use your planner.
Having a schedule where you can write down important due dates and your homework assignments will ease your stress.

3. Record lectures
This might be a good study tool if you are an auditory learner. It will also prevent you from missing any key details in class. Be sure to ask your teacher for permission before you record them.

4. Make quizlets
On quizlet you can make vocab cards with which you can test yourself and play games with the words. This will allow you to study on the go and give you a break for reading your notes. Here is the website:

5. Don’t procrastinate
When you rush to do your work last minute, it causes you stress and your work is often low quality. By not waiting until the last day to do your assignment, you are doing yourself a favor.

6. Don’t worry about the things you can’t change
If you do bad on a test, don’t keep thinking about it. Try to do better on the next test and use the previous one as a study tool. Focus on the big picture and your long-term goals.