Academic Award Ceremony Honors High Achieving Students

Crystal Hernandez, Staff Writer

On Nov. 29 at 8:00 am, Hylton’s staff and parents celebrated students’ outstanding GPA by giving out awards to those who have earned a grade point average of a 3.5 or higher. In order to meet the requirements, each student must be enrolled in at least six classes to carry a unit of one credit, students should earn a 3.5 non-rounded or higher, and shall earn a 3.0 in each class.

The Academic Award Ceremony has been going on since Hylton first opened in 1991. Assistant Principal Mr. Eric Switzer said, “I believe in the importance of the ceremony and recognizing each individual and their success as a student.” Switzer shared he’s happy with the consistency of the number of students who attend the ceremony each year and is proud to see each student excel in education.

Student Rebecca Alphonce said, “I was excited for getting the award, this was my first year attending I hope to get it again next year.”

Hylton believes that academic success is the result of many positive factors. “As an educator, it is very important to have students be successful and it is very exciting.” said Switzer.