Nothing Stops Stephens

Marcus Stephens doesn't let his injuries define him.


Karle Traoré, Staff Writer

Senior Marcus Stephens is a varsity basketball player. He has been playing for as long as he can remember, saying that he has “been holding basketballs since he could crawl.” Even though he does play a sport, he understands that school will always be a priority.

Marcus Stephens is not an athlete who lets his injuries define him. Last year, Stephens suffered from a concussion. He was playing a one on one game. When he tried to block a shot, he flipped over the person he was playing and hit his head. “I knew I would get through it, but I thought I would be out longer that I was, and it felt like I was helpless,” said Stephens.  He was an active player at the time and had to take about two weeks off to heal.

This setback did not get in the way of him wanting to commit to a college. “I didn’t get discouraged, I just kept working to get offers.” On Sept. 24, Stephens announced that he was accepting an offer to play at St. Thomas Aquinas College in New York.  He expressed that this made him happy, knowing the finance of college wouldn’t be a burden on his parents. After high school, he plans on majoring in exercise science and one day becoming a physical therapist.

When he isn’t on the court, he enjoys eating and sleeping. Practice can be tough on his body, and he believes that relaxation is important to healing afterwards.