Ayers Cares

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Ayers Cares

Erin McCoy, Technology Editor & Business Coordinator

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Most popularly known for her unique classes and designs, Ms. Ayers is an asset to Hylton and an important influence in many students’ lives.

Ms. Ayers currently teaches graphic design, computer art, and photography, but her teaching career started on a very different path. Ayers attended Virginia Tech, studying both math and art. She has been at Hylton since 2009 and began teaching math classes including geometry and functions trig. She shared that having a math degree made it much easier for her to obtain a job as a teacher and eventually build up to the position she holds now.

As much as she enjoys her job today, it is not what she expected to be doing. Her biggest aspiration was to work in video post production, and while she experimented in that job through multiple internships and opportunities, it wasn’t where she was meant to be.

Ayers’s favorite classes to teach are computer graphics. “I like helping the children learn stuff that I enjoy,” said Ayers. All of the projects that her students complete are exciting; however, one of the most memorable projects dates back to the days she taught art. The students were tasked to emulate an artist. One student had excelled in the assignment; he posted a picture of the artwork on social media and the actual artist liked the photo and responded to it.

The classes Ms. Ayers teaches are important because they teach applicable skills. “You can go into an actual career,” said Ayers. Her classes give way for endless options for design and creative careers.

One of Ms. Ayers’s favorite memories comes from one of the clubs she sponsors, National Art Honor Society. At the club’s initial formation, there were only three or four members, yet they still always found a way to have fun and get everything done. “It was a very personal experience,” said Ayers.

Outside of school, Ms. Ayers enjoys playing music, attending anime conventions, volunteering at video game and music conventions, video gaming, and streaming. As you can tell, she is a very creative person both in and outside of Hylton.

If she could leave anything with her students, Ayers said, she hopes that they, “move away from the 703 and experience the world for themselves. Don’t let your life end here.”