The Main Path for Success


Ally Temple, Editor in Chief

It’s college application season. For seniors this brings about big choices and stress, but for a college and career counselor such as Hylton’s Mrs. Main, this means time management is crucial and events must be prioritized in order to reach and offer assistance to a whole class of seniors.

Mrs. Main has worked as the only college and career counselor at Hylton for 6 years. Prior to that, she worked at Brentsville High School in the same position for 10 years. Mrs. Main is responsible for classroom lessons as well as most outreach programs such as military panels, college planning night, and financial aid night. Additionally, at the end of the year, she puts together the senior award ceremony.   

According to Mrs. Main, her most important principle is to understand that everyone has different goals for themselves. She wants “to help them [students] prepare for whatever their goal is after high school.” She considers the entire student body and all of the different needs she must meet for the students.

While she understands college isn’t for everyone, she gave some advice to seniors about college applications and choosing the right college to spend the next four years of their lives. She emphasized organization is key to applications because of the deadlines. She indicated the importance of visiting the schools seniors apply to, and when it comes to the final decision, “Go to the college that you will be able to blossom.”

“Go to the college that you will be able to blossom.””

— Mrs. Main

When the college application time for seniors dwindles down, she meets with freshman in January and sophomores in March for classroom lessons. She helps them narrow down what their strengths are and what they can see themselves doing in the future. This shows the students to play on their strengths when it comes to planning out futures.  Juniors are reminded what their options are and how to best prepare for their upcoming senior year. She tells all underclassmen to, “Keep an open mind.”

Students of any year can refer to her page on the school website in order to find future planning events and outreaches happening not only at Hylton, but around the community. These events strengthen a students’ understanding of all options in the future and are convenient to attend because they take place right here in the community. “The more knowledge people have the more comfortable they will be with the decision that they end up with,” said Mrs. Main.

While her job can be a lot to take on, she admits her one difficulty is having limited time to fit everything in; however, by managing her time correctly and wisely, she is able to handle it. She finds herself prioritizing by asking, “How can I reach the most students, disseminate the most information that I can that will be beneficial to all students.” This is what she is here at Hylton for, to benefit the students and offer any assistance she can.

Mrs. Main says she feels grateful for the community at Hylton. “People are genuinely appreciative of whatever you can do to offer help,” said Mrs. Main. The community’s appreciation of her services motivates her to work hard for the students and families.

Mrs. Main eases the stress of all students, no matter their grade or outcome of their goals. She reminds them that “Things are going to work out.”