Justin Gaspard’s Football Obsession


Crystal Hernandez, Staff Writer

Senior Justin Gaspard has a lot of love for Hylton and everything the school community has provided for him.  As Gaspard ate his favorite school lunch, the crispy chicken, he shared that the football program is his favorite thing about Hylton. He has played football all four years and says that the football program has helped open up opportunities for him. Mr. Gryder is his favorite teacher and is also his football coach. He has helped train Gaspard to be an excellent linebacker.  

Outside of school Gaspard is constantly watching the game. His way of relaxing is eating wings and watching football. He says, “If I am not training, then I am watching football to evaluate the linebacker’s plays.” As he recovers from a concussion, he says not playing the game has taken a toll on him. Gaspard’s hard work is his strength. “I treat every practice like it’s a game.” said Gaspard.

“Football isn’t the only thing that matters to me,” said Gaspard. He enjoys hanging out with his close friends and his siblings. He likes to go out and eat Chipotle with his sister Jasmine whenever he can. Even though he trains in the summer, Gaspard still considers summer break his all time favorite. He loves to swim in his pool and relax in his hot tub during the night. In the summer, Gaspard and his family throw a lot of cookouts.

As graduation gets closer, Gaspard, is still looking into colleges and is interested in Bridgewater State University.  He would like to major in information technology and dreams of playing football in college.  Gaspard will see where football takes him in the future but shares he will always love and respect the game no matter what.