A look into the life of Hylton quarterback Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis: Born to Play Sports

Savannah Winstead, Fashion & Lifestyle Editor

Jordan Davis is a senior at Hylton. He was born in Germany and is 18 years old. He has been playing football and basketball since he was four years old in Ohio, but has expressed that he loves football more and wants to play in college. He still plays basketball because he enjoys it as well.

When someone plays various sports for a lengthy period of time like Davis, injuries are almost inevitable. Davis was just a tiny six year old when he was stepped on by the ref during a game, breaking his collarbone. He has experienced numerous injuries like broken arms, sprained ankles and concussions. When asked why he plays such a dangerous sport, he said, ”I was just so young when I started playing I never thought of it being dangerous.”  Davis has been playing for Hylton since freshman year; his positions are safety and quarterback. “After four years you build great chemistry and they become more like family rather than just teammates,” said Davis. “Everyone is there for each other, we’re like a brotherhood. Not only being there on the field, but off the field as well; helping with school work, family issues, anything,” said Davis.

Before each game, Davis prepares by watching film on the other team and envisioning the plays he’ll make during the game. After high school Davis would like to go to college, play football and join the army. His biggest fear is leaving his parents, especially knowing his dad is sick right now. His parents are his biggest fans. They’re at every game cheering him on and giving him feedback. 

In his free time ,Davis likes to play video games with his friends; his favorite games are 2K, Madden and Call of Duty. He finds it difficult to manage sports, school and a social life, but says it all works out somehow. He is excited for what’s ahead in the next few years.